1. That I was standing in a patch of grass
  2. And circling me was a conveyor belt with flowers
  3. But the flowers had thoughts and emotions written on them
  4. Like anxiety over grad school decisions
    This flower was gray
  5. And worries about driving
    This flower was gray too
  6. And discomfort that an ex boyfriend didn't respond to a text last night
    This one was brown
  7. And next came some pink flowers
  8. Excitement about a road trip this weekend
  9. And happiness that my meditation has gotten this far into my subconcious
  10. And I could examine each one
  11. And decide if I want to plant them in my little patch of grass
  12. And in the dream I picked the pink flowers
  13. And I let the other ones pass by
  14. And even though I woke up a little anxious, with my worries still there, I realized that I have a choice of which flowers to pick in my conscious life as well
  15. And now I'm listening to music and packing for my road trjp
  16. The worries are there, but I'm grasping onto them less
  17. Happy weekend, @list