Disclaimer: I hope I am speaking about race in a respectful way - I only want to learn more
  1. I am considered white by American standards
  2. In other countries and in other times as a Jew I would not be considered white
  3. But I've grown up in America and everyone sees me as white so I have never known what it is like to be a WOC in America, though I've experienced my own share of ignorance and antisemitism
  4. I consider myself a pretty aware person
  5. I try to police my own biases and understand where they come from, why they're wrong, and correct them
  6. However
  7. Watching Beyonce's visual album made me feel awed and it also gave me a tiny insight into what the experiences of WOC are
  8. What Beyonce did was pretty incredible
  9. To discuss infidelity in your marriage, and explore the pain and anguish that comes along with that, but be able to put that into the greater context of institutionalized racism and sexism in this country astounded me
  10. Watching women hold pictures of their murdered sons was so powerful
  11. When Beyonce spoke/sang about breaking the chains and the curse of racism, sexism, and in turn infidelity and betrayal, I was astounded at how empowering of a statement that is
  12. To recognize that women and men of color in this country did not in any way cause the mass suffering that happened to them/is happening to them, but to take ownership of it only to say we will change it just blew my mind
    I feel like this is not articulated well but I don't have the language to really speak to the depth of how this affected me, I don't even know for sure if I interpreted this correctly.
  13. It inspired me.
  14. I'm sure that certain things were problematic and I know that Beyonce does not speak for the black community -
  15. But as a white woman I am grateful to be able to witness what she had to say and hopefully learn from it and further disintegrate any lingering socially enforced biases I hold
  16. And not "not see color" but instead embrace and celebrate color, and learn from all people with different backgrounds than mine, just as I hope people embrace and celebrate who I am, a Jewish woman.
  17. Also the music was excellent and I cried through Sandcastles and All Night, and Sorry basically killed me.
  18. Freedom is casually an anthem???
  19. To sum up, Queen Bey changed the game again and I may never recover.
  20. 🍋👑🍋