We miss you already, David Bowie. Thank you.
  1. I know when to go out
  2. And when to stay in
  3. Get things done
  4. I catch a paper boy
  5. But things don't really change
  6. I'm standing in the wind
  7. But I never wave bye bye
  8. But I try
  9. I try
  10. There's no sign of life
  11. It's just the power to charm
  12. I'm lying in the rain
  13. But I never wave bye bye
  14. But I try
  15. I try
  16. Never gonna fall for
  17. Modern love walks beside me
  18. Modern love walks on by
  19. Modern love gets me to the church on time
  20. Church on time terrifies me
  21. Church on time makes me party
  22. Church on time puts my trust in G-d and man
  23. G-d and man no confessions
  24. G-d and man no religion
  25. G-d and man don't believe in
  26. Modern love
  27. ⚡️