In no particular order. Hi @drugs
  1. My empathy
    I am extremely empathetic and it makes me a very compassionate person.
  2. My resilience
    I believe in myself, and it makes me resilient because I know I'll be okay, no matter the circumstance.
  3. My self awareness
    I'm aware of my impact on other people, and I'm also aware of how extraordinarily privileged I am. I recognize my own flaws, but I also love myself. I'm aware that I deserve love. I have self esteem.
  4. My communication skills
    I'm a great communicator, and I don't fear conflict as a result. I see conflict and confrontation as a vehicle to solve a problem and get to a better place. Being a good communicator also means that I can ask for what I need, and I am assertive about my own safety and well being.
  5. My family history
    I love where I come from. I'm so lucky and thankful to have the history that I do. Without that, I'd have none of the other four favorite things about myself.