1. Brunch: two eggs sunny side up with wheat toast, salt and pepper. Thick white cheddar slices on the toast UNDER the eggs. A side of avocado slices. And an iced latte.
    This is a meal I make. Between 10:30 am and 11:30 am is prime brunch time.
  2. Late lunch: fish tacos (🌮) with guac and chips. Margarita on the rocks with salt.
    Ideally this takes place in Seaside, FL at the Taco Bar. It's a gloriously sunny day and I can hear the waves crashing as I eat the most perfect lunch on Earth. Seriously y'all, if you can, go to Seaside and eat these tacos.
  3. 🚨 Midday Dessert Alert 🚨
    It's 3 o'clock and it's time for some rugelach. And not just any rugelach. I'm talking about the best chocolate rugelach in the world - from Marzipan in Jerusalem's shuk (market). This is without question one of the most delicious things in the world.
  4. Dinner: it's time for Indian food, clearly the best food on the planet
    Specifically, fish tikka masala, (it used to be chicken tikka masala but homegirl is kosher now so), with garlic naan and onion bhuji. Naan is crucial. If I wrote an autobiography it would be titled 'Naan Is Crucial'.
  5. Late night dessert: honestly you're full as fuck at this point but it's the Day of Perfect Meals so you need to eat some cannoli.
    From Angelo's in Little Italy bye