1. Yesterday I found out that I'm allergic to cow dairy
  2. Also known as cheese
  3. Cheese is my favorite food
  4. But apparently it's been making me sick, like really sick
  5. Cow dairy has opiates and estrogen in it, but most people don't absorb it
  6. I'm one of the people who does absorb it
  7. So basically I've been accidentally (subtlely) stoned on opiates ever since I developed this allergy
  8. Which explains why I've felt like I've been in a foggy haze for two years
  9. So I have to completely cut out cow dairy
  10. This sounds silly, but it's going to be a big adjustment for me
  11. I have to change the way I get nutrition every day
  12. And deal with the glaring truth that my beloved has betrayed me
  13. Feta and goat cheese are still bae though 🙌🏻
    Holler at goat and sheep milk
  14. Goodbye, cheddar, I've loved you
  15. Goodbye, Brie, I've loved you
  16. Goodbye, Gorgonzola, I've loved you
  17. Goodbye, blue, I've loved you
  18. Parting is such sweet sorrow