It's an Indian place on 1st avenue between 5th and 6th
  1. Make sure you're going to the right one, a lot of other knockoff restaurants surround it
  2. You have to walk up steps to get to the entrance
  3. Okay so it looks like this inside
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  4. There are lights covering every inch of the ceiling and walls
  5. In an interesting choice, there are also hundreds of tiny countries' flags hanging from the ceiling
  6. It's one of the smallest restaurants I've ever been in
  7. Getting to your table is similar to conquering an obstacle course
  8. It's BYOB, but they provide the glasses
  9. So you can polish off a bottle of wine at a very low price
  10. Which we did
  11. The food is wonderful and comes out very quickly
  12. Every ten minutes or so, the lights start flashing and disco balls start twirling
  13. That means it's someone's birthday in the restaurant
  14. The waiters bring out the birthday table free ice cream
  15. And an Indian happy birthday song is blasted through the speakers
  16. Everybody dances and claps along
  17. After five minutes of that they shut the speakers abruptly
  18. It's fantastic
  19. 10/10
  20. Please go and say it's your birthday