Inspired by @drugs
  1. I fell on escalator and cut open my knee and a nice man picked me up and carried me to my mom who was waiting at the top! The End
  2. I met Jonathan Safran Foer at a book signing and I made him laugh and then I got in my uber and cried thinking about how lucky I am to live in New York! The End
  3. I went to Israel for the first time and the hottest Israeli soldier liked me out of everyone on the trip and we made out at a bar as another girl screamed "GET IT GIRL" and I thought about female empowerment for like five seconds of our make out session/for the rest of my life The End
  4. I had a best friend and he stopped speaking to me out of the blue four years ago and then I saw him again this past weekend and he apologized and keeps me hitting me up to hang out and it once again reaffirms how fucking awesome I am THE END
  5. I had emergency surgery on my neck and after I had my cast a few kids in my first grade class thought if I bent my neck that my head would fall off so I did it all the time! The End