I'm lucky that it took me awhile to decide on a memory. I had a very happy childhood.
  1. My parents are professors, so we spent most of my childhood summers abroad while my parents taught at partnering universities
  2. When I was 13, my dad got a Fulbright to teach for six months in Pecs, Hungary
  3. We spent those six months living in Pecs and traveling all over Europe as a family: me, my parents, and my sister
  4. We have all these home videos from that time, and my dad always wanted to film
    But the hilarious thing is he would just silently film places, without making commentary or saying anything
  5. So whenever we could, Rozsa and I would steal the camera and film ourselves doing random crazy stuff just to make each other laugh
  6. We were the only friends each other had during those six months and we have so many clips of us prancing around in insane places
    There's a video of Rozsa filming at the Vatican while she laughs hysterically about the amount of nuns in Vatican City. She was eight. Super normal childhood activity.
  7. My dad would get up early in the morning and bring us freshly baked croissants from the bakery down the street.
  8. My mom "homeschooled" us, which mostly entailed working for an hour and spending the rest of the day walking around town and eating new things and being exposed to a brand new culture
    It was, of course, a much better education than any semester I could've had at home
  9. I'd love to go back and relive those months, where it was just my family exploring Europe and spending time together
  10. It shaped me as a person and really solidified our bond as a family.