Inspired by @LauraM
  1. Laughing with one of my closest friends, Melissa
  2. Smiling because my good friend Reiss is a sweetheart and is driving me around Brooklyn
  3. Hugging my best friend Ryan in Israel after a week of volunteering. This photo was taken after he thanked me in front of the group for being such a good friend.
  4. Sitting on my dad's shoulders, I'm probably two or three here.
  5. Hugging my cousins/aunt/mom/sister at a family reunion
  6. A candid of me and two of my closest friends, Jeremy and Sophie, a few years ago at my college graduation party
  7. Blowing out the candles on my third or fourth birthday with my mom and cousin
  8. Surrounded by friends at a Fourth of July fireworks show
  9. Laughing hysterically with my mom when I was a baby
  10. Drunk dancing with my forever friend Shelby in like 2011
  11. My good friend Philip at breakfast with me the morning of a big interview