AKA people and places I love a lot
  1. This is a picture of two of my best friends and I getting a fish massage in the store window of a Jerusalem store
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  2. @sgrossman and I being who we are at our cores
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  3. My parents supporting me (literally) when I was like two. Aw.
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  4. My favorite place in the world. Can you tell I love Israel?
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  5. Me, my sister, and my mom in Santa Fe this summer. Love these bitches.
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  6. Mid-Karaoke with @liam_speranza and assorted friends ❤️❤️❤️
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  7. This is me and @lindsgrossman around age nine. Shoutout to puberty.
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  8. Me and my best friend draped in plaid and loving it. He comes home from the Peace Corps next month after 27 months in Peru.
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  9. Seasideeeeee ebb and flow
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  10. Me and Ryan in the Peruvian desert
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  11. Me and Mel looking like serial killers
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  12. Matching with my @goodvibesstudio
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  13. Three of my favorite babes, New Years 2013
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  14. Dancing to I Just Had Sex with Sophie. For whatever reason we did this a lot a few years ago.
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