AKA people and places I love a lot
  1. This is a picture of two of my best friends and I getting a fish massage in the store window of a Jerusalem store
  2. @sgrossman and I being who we are at our cores
  3. My parents supporting me (literally) when I was like two. Aw.
  4. My favorite place in the world. Can you tell I love Israel?
  5. Me, my sister, and my mom in Santa Fe this summer. Love these bitches.
  6. Mid-Karaoke with @liam_speranza and assorted friends ❤️❤️❤️
  7. This is me and @lindsgrossman around age nine. Shoutout to puberty.
  8. Me and my best friend draped in plaid and loving it. He comes home from the Peace Corps next month after 27 months in Peru.
  9. Seasideeeeee ebb and flow
  10. Me and Ryan in the Peruvian desert
  11. Me and Mel looking like serial killers
  12. Matching with my @goodvibesstudio
  13. Three of my favorite babes, New Years 2013
  14. Dancing to I Just Had Sex with Sophie. For whatever reason we did this a lot a few years ago.