Polaroid Pictures

I got a new Polaroid camera and it's so fun to have something tangible and beautiful to remember my days and here's all of them so far
  1. My parents and my sister, smiling for my first Polaroid picture
  2. Kinneret Cemetery in Israel; only in Israel could a cemetery be so strikingly beautiful
  3. Me in Cafe Cluny a few weeks ago, smiling at my friend even though I'd just broken things off with a guy
  4. Me and so many of my closest friends at my parents' annual Chanukah Party. We were all home for the first time in a long time.
  5. Me and a friend posing in front of graffiti on the streets of Tel Aviv
  6. The Kotel
  7. Scenery from Burma Road, outside of Jerusalem
  8. Me and my sister and our two oldest, and closest, friends
  9. Me at a bagel place yesterday, taken by a close friend
  10. More from the Kinneret Cemetery
  11. Me and friend posing with Magnum ice cream bars in Ben Gurion airport, about to leave Israel. It was 10 am.
  12. Me and two friends in Tel Aviv on Shabbat. It was a perfect afternoon.
  13. Soho at dusk
  14. Me and my best friend smiling through the cold
  15. Me, my sister, and our close friend posing in front of a lake in our hometown.