Inspired by @13spencer, going to keep adding to this because this is my favorite game
  1. Salads That Have Saved Me
  2. Old Jocks Never Die, They Just Disintegrate Into Thin Air On The Fly
    This is a quote my dad made up and put in his email signature. My dad has a PhD and works as a professor at a university. His students see this.
  3. How to Write Literature like a 20 Something Jewish Girl with a Strong Sense of Self Confidence and Near-Crippling Hypochondria
  4. Vampire Weekend, Vampire Lifetime
  5. Living In The Gray Area: Between a Gypsy Lifestyle Where I Travel Constantly and an Anxiety-Riddled Day Spent Mostly In Bed
  6. Naan Is Crucial: a Jewish Gal's Lifelong Love of Indian Food