Inspired by @DG
  1. Because I am a Jew
  2. Because I'm the oldest child
  3. Because I tested into the "Gifted" program at the end of 1st grade
  4. Because my dad is a refugee
  5. Because my dad lost his finger when I was five and I remember it
  6. Because my little sister was really shy growing up
  7. Because I was in an abusive relationship for seven years from when I was twelve until nineteen
  8. Because I read at a 12th grade level in 3rd grade
  9. Because my grandparents were Holocaust survivors
  10. Because my parents are therapists
  11. Because my mom has so many close, wonderful friends
    So I do, too
  12. Because I grew up traveling the world
  13. Because I've worn glasses every day since fourth grade
  14. Because I am very, very lucky