1. Blue
    Nothing better than being both the color of the sky and the ocean, y'all. Also Beyoncè named the heir to her biological throne after this color.
  2. Green
    You're magnificent in nature. And I feel that.
  3. Indigo
    You're beautiful and your name is cool.
  4. Yellow
    Yellow gets a bad wrap, and I feel bad that it's so far down on this list. The problem is that some shades of yellow are beautiful, but then there's other shades that are sickly. Sorry, Yellow, I really do love you. Thanks for sunshine and all that.
  5. Red
    Red used to be my favorite color, but the more I've fallen in love with the earth and shades of green and blue, the less triumphant red seems to me.
  6. Violet
    You're pretty but you're just not my type.
  7. Space to separate between other colors and orange
  8. Orange
    This color is hideous unless it's in its natural form, i.e. unless it's literally an orange. Also nothing rhymes with 'orange' and I truly find that upsetting.