Inspired by @clairewentthere
  1. Favorite word
    Jerusalem/ ירושלים
  2. Least favorite word
    Retarded - I hate when people say this so much
  3. Turn ons
    Positive realism, consistent kindness, emotional bravery, self awareness, humility, hunger for life
  4. Turn offs
    Arrogance, a negative outlook
  5. Favorite curse word
  6. Favorite sound
    In Jerusalem, standing at the Kotel, hearing the hundreds of prayers, at the same time as the call to prayer goes off from the minarets
  7. Least favorite sound
    The ambulance sirens in Europe. I got that generational memory on lock.
  8. Profession I'd like to attempt
    Hillel director
  9. Profession I'd least like to attempt
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear G-d say as you arrive at the pearly gates?
    Everyone you love is here, but there's no suffering