2015 was a rough year for America, and for the world. We had more gun massacres than days, a buffoon is leading the GOP presidential race, and millions of refugees are fleeing a failed state into largely unwelcoming countries. It wasn't a great year. But one amazing thing happened, and I'll never forget the feeling in our country that day.
  1. On June 26th, 2015, marriage equality was legalized nationwide
  2. I woke up, checked Twitter and felt like an explosion went off inside me
  3. I started sobbing and turned on the news
  4. I remember thinking, "my future kids will never live in a country where marriage equality doesn't exist"
  5. I remember thinking, "my friends are as free as I am now"
  6. It was such a triumph
  7. There is so much horrible violence and pain in our aching world
  8. But I will never forget the exhilaration in my gay friends' voices and eyes when they heard the news
  9. I will never forget the electric joy in the air that day
  10. It wasn't a great year, but that was a truly great day
  11. And for that I am thankful
  12. ✨🌈✨