1. Spring
    I love the transition from being cold all the time to pulling on shorts and smelling jasmine flowers and seeing the sky at its most glorious blue. I love spring. I love newness.
  2. Fall
    I love fall for a lot of the same reasons as spring. Fall makes everything feel new again after the dead of summer makes you feel like the air will never feel crisp again. I love the excited feeling in the air during fall. I love fall's colors. Fall is always a time to reexamine how your year is going. I love you, fall.
  3. Summer
    Summer is magic. Summers for me are full of nostalgia, thinking back on scorching days spent splashing in my parents' pool and warm nights spent running around the neighborhood, bursting with adolescent energy. If I'd written this list at fourteen, summer would be #1. I miss childhood summers; adult summers are always bittersweet. Adult freedom is year round but tied to responsibility. Childhood freedom always belonged to the summer, no strings attached.
  4. Winter
    Even though I love the holidays, being cold sucks. And to me, nothing is worse than a gray sky.