1. Iced coffee
    I mean.
  2. Brunch
    Not only do you get to eat breakfast food, the best food, but the timing of brunch implies you've slept in. Which implies that you're relaxed.
  3. Brown leather luggage
  4. Traveling
  5. Hearing people speaking a language I don't understand
    See "traveling"
  6. Finding old mixed CDs
  7. Haircuts!
  8. Steve Madden shoes
  9. That feeling when you spend quality time with a group of your best friends and your soul feels enriched from laughing so hard
  10. Israel
  11. Making lists
  12. Cars with sunroofs
  13. When it feels like the outside has AC because it's just that beautiful out
  14. Paul McCartney concerts
  15. My sister
    She's the best person in the world.
  16. Cannoli
  17. My parents
  18. June in New York City
  19. Neutrals
  20. Being Jewish