Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. I don't eat many carbs or any junk food at all
    I used to eat like total shit and was about thirty pounds heavier as a result
  2. I love summer and heat
    I used to love winter and gray overcast days but now a blue sky is basically a requirement for me to feel centered
  3. I'm pursuing a masters degree in Jewish communal work
    I thought I was going to work at a publishing house
  4. I wear yoga pants in public sometimes
    It took me years to be okay with this
  5. I had a few traumatic experiences driving and haven't driven in months
    I used to fucking love to drive so I'm working on this
  6. I've gone on lots of dates and had a few boyfriends and am currently involved with someone I really see myself with seriously
    When I was younger I never got attention from boys and I was never confident enough to assert myself and luckily things have changed
  7. I don't accept mistreatment or abuse in any context
    I was in an abusive relationship for seven years when I was young
  8. I am incredibly confident about who I am AND how I look
    I was very much a thirteen year old girl with no self esteem
  9. I'm turning 24 soon and still feel like a kid most days