Next month!
  1. Buy all my books from @strandbookstore on lazy Saturday afternoons
  2. Spend quality time with my man all summer 🙌🏻
  3. Walk through Central Park on nice June days
  4. Take the train down to the village on Sunday mornings and grab a bagel and iced coffee from Murray's Bagels
  5. Hang out with my new baby cousins
  6. Start my graduate program and get really good at Hebrew
  7. Meet up with all my friends and drink margaritas
  8. Go to kosher restaurants and order a huge ass burger
  9. Take my man to the Museum of Natural History and spend an hour or two laying on the floor of the ocean room and stare up at the ceiling that's made to look like waves
  10. Go out on a Friday night with all my friends
  11. Stay in on a Friday night with him and just lay around drinking wine in bed
  12. Feel my legs get more muscular because I will be walking everywhere
  13. Come home at the end of a disgustingly hot July day and wash the city off my face
  14. Go to Emily Loves Pizza and eat until I can't move
  15. Meet all the new people in my grad program
  16. Buy my favorite feta cheese at Westside Market and eat it as a meal
  17. Talk about experiential Jewish education all the time with people who also want to talk about it all the time
  18. Listen to the people playing music in Washington Square Park while I sit outside and enjoy the weather
  19. Know that I can call so many different friends to hang out and shop and get brunch and go to museums and just be together
  20. Visit Tallahassee when I feel like it
    I can't wait to live in New York again but there's no place like home