Inspired by @meg1
  1. Eating feta cheese by itself, like as a snack and or meal
  2. Only getting a job in order to pay for my next flight somewhere
    See: living beyond your means
  3. Calling all of my closest friends my best friend
    As Mindy Lahiri once wisely said, it's a tier
  4. Crying when I laugh
  5. Asking people their middle name
  6. Buying a new item of clothing and wearing it every day for a week
  7. Knowing all the words to any song I've heard more than once
  8. Short fingernails
  9. Making mixed CDs
  10. Rereading Harry Potter always
  11. Going to grad school for Jewish Education
  12. Accidentally shrinking my favorite dress in the wash and then repurchasing the dress
  13. Red pepper flakes
  14. Thinking about tomorrow's breakfast as I'm falling asleep
  15. Waiting until my last pair of clean underwear to do laundry as a cardinal rule
  16. Skipping class to lay in the sun
    When I was in college this happened weekly
  17. Getting drunk off one drink
  18. Remembering specific plot details from books I read even if it was a decade ago
  19. Getting addicted to a food and eating it everyday for weeks without getting sick of it
  20. Sex and the City trivia
  21. Not owning any hair tools or products
  22. Pink Himalayan salt
  23. Carmex