1. I love that smiles are universal. It's so cute that when any human is happy, or amused, or laughing, we all smile.
  2. I love how many different languages there are.
  3. I love that we have four seasons.
  4. I love that people hold hands.
  5. I love people's faces, and how you can read them.
  6. I love how babies sound when they're laughing.
  7. I love that sometimes people start crying unexpectedly. That your own emotions can surprise you is such a cool thing about humanity.
  8. I love music. What a thing we have.
  9. I love how people can love one another. Enough to make you cry, sometimes unexpectedly.
  10. I love the ocean, and mountains, and desert, and wide open grassy plains.
  11. I love books, and letters, and anything written. I love that we leave records of our experiences that can be relived through reading.
  12. I love art. I love that instead of lashing out, humans can turn difficult emotions into something beautiful that we can all relate to and appreciate.
  13. I love the human spirit & that most people, regardless of where they live, want to help their communities.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  14. Cheese
    Suggested by @ptrench192