1. Jeez the security in this room is so intense you'd think we're getting on an airplane. This lady is literally wanding people
  2. Why do you need to see my ankles, I am not cheating and if I was I wouldn't write stuff on my ankles? I can't see my ankles during this test
  3. My ankles are under the desk
  4. Why can't I have my water with me at my desk? It's just water
  5. It's the source of life? And I lowkey have a persistent fear of dehydration
  6. Wow okay it's hot in this testing room
  7. Why would I wear these highlighter yellow noise cancelling headphones?
  8. Okay let's fucking do this
  10. ~*four hours of mind numbing computerized testing later*~
  11. It's over G-d bless
  12. Grad school please love me
  13. 😶