I'll be staffing my second Birthright trip and it will be my sixth trip to Israel in the last four years 🙌🏻
  1. That blast of joy in my heart when the plane touches down and I know I'm home
  2. Hebrew all day
  3. The bluest skies in the world
  4. Shawarma
  5. Falafel
  6. Hummus
  7. The freshest produce I've ever eaten
  8. Hiking Masada
  9. Floating in the Dead Sea
  10. Watching my participants faces light up in wonder when they see Jerusalem for the first time
  11. Dancing in my body and soul all day
  12. Bonding with Israeli soldiers
  13. Witnessing as my participants discover a connection to their homeland and one another
  14. Praying at the Kotel
  15. The best kosher food in the world
  16. Dancing in Tel Aviv
  17. Getting high off pure gratitude
  18. Sleeping in the Negev Desert
  19. Breathing in my favorite air
  20. Leading daily meditation practice and feeling a space in my mind open up
  21. Having Israel and all the light that lives there flood into that space in me
  22. Waking up at 7 am
  23. Leading programming all day
  24. Answering my participants' endless questions
  25. Guzzling at least 4 liters of water a day
  26. Passing out around 2 am
  27. Loving every second