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  2. I really don't care to humor people who don't support stricter gun control any more
  3. I'm an open minded, compassionate human being
  4. I want everyone in this country, and the world, to feel free
  5. But I'll tell you what
  6. Guns DO NOT make this country more free
  7. I'm not more free when I'm afraid for my sister on her college campus
  8. I'm not more free when I have to make sure to sit next to the exit in a movie theater, just in case
  9. Women are not more free when their abusers have guns
  10. Parents and children are not more free when an armed terrorist can get a gun, enter a kindergarten, and shoot at random
  11. People are not more free when they can be murdered in a church
  12. Women are not more free when they can't see a doctor without fearing a gunman
  13. I am from the south
  14. And I don't care if your guns are your tradition or hobby
  15. What does that have to do with making it harder to get a gun?
  16. If you're not going to use your gun to hurt or kill other people, then what do you have to fear about gun control?
  17. It shouldn't bother people who aren't doing anything wrong
  18. Ready for the bottom line?
  19. Your hobby isn't worth my life