1. Continuing my meditation practice
  2. Incorporating yoga into my life
  3. Eating well
  4. Going to Fort Lauderdale next weekend for a family reunion to celebrate my grandpa's 98th birthday
  5. Traveling to New York in March and seeing my precious beautiful friends old and new
  6. Traveling to Israel in March for the seventh time and my third time as a Birthright staffer
  7. Passover in April with my friends and family
  8. Donald Trump dropping out of the race
  9. Summer studies and adventures in New York and Israel
  10. Moving to New York
  11. Starting my Masters program in the fall
  12. Going to an Adele concert with my cousin at MSG in September
  13. Fall in New York
  14. Meeting new amazing people to love and admire
  15. Learning new things about the world and about myself
  16. All of the unexpected moments of laughter and joy that this year will bring