1. Myself holding my acceptance letter to my dream graduate school
  2. My other hand would be holding my soul mate's hand
    He's so humble. He is kind and generous and a great communicator. He is easy going and doesn't let the little things bother him. He makes me laugh really hard but always says that I'm funnier than he is (I am). He's emotionally honest with himself and the people in his life. He would never cheat on me, because I'm the partner he always wanted. He loves to travel and wants to drag our kids (when we have them) all over the world with us. He keeps kosher. He works hard but would rather relax. Duh.
  3. My family and friends are surrounding us
    They're all smiling in that reassuring way that you know they're all healthy and happy
  4. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
    Oh and I'm loaded. Like, standing on a mountain of cash loaded. My grad school is paid for, my family never has to worry about money, I bought a beach house in Seaside and an apartment in Jerusalem, and charities are getting hella donations from me. "Hella" is my favorite unit of measurement.
  5. You can tell I've taken up meditating by how relaxed Mirror-of-Erised-me is
  6. Behind me, you can see Israelis and Palestinians going about their lives in peace, and hatred is starting to fade into the past. A viable two state solution FINALLY HAPPENED.