1. It's the greenest city in America
    Trees everywhere, hella oxygen
  2. It's known for its canopy roads and they are pretty spectacular
  3. Perfect weather 8-9 months of the year
  4. Proximity to beaches
    Drive 2 hours in any direction and you'll probably wind up at a beach. And not just any beach - some of clearest water and whitest sand in the country.
  5. Small town feel without suffocating you
    Everybody knows everybody, but there's always new people to meet
  6. It's a college town!
    FSU, FAMU, TCC, Keiser... The list goes on. This means: lots of young people wanting to have fun, experience new things, and meet other cool people.
  7. The city has grown massively in the last ten years
    There are tons of new restaurants and bars that are actually 'cool.' Taco bars, wine lofts, beer gardens, art parks, and festivals have arrived in hordes. Also, the city built a giant new urban green space recently, named Cascades Park. It has a huge amphitheater, and there was even a concert series this summer. With real bands.
  8. It's the capital, so there are lots of historical architecture and fun political things to get involved with
  9. Rolling hills everywhere
  10. Greenways
    There are huge open grassy fields literally designated for people to picnic, let their dogs run, chill outside, and just generally frolic
  11. TLH is the most relaxing airport in the world
    It's basically the size of a small elementary school. You can get there less than forty minutes before a flight with time to spare. Everyone is friendly, and there's a tiny little art gallery in it!
  12. There is virtually no traffic
  13. Everyone, and I mean everyone, calls Tallahassee 'Tally.' People even sometimes call it 'Tallyho.'
    "Where you at this weekend?" "I'm in Tally." "Nice." ❤️