This morning I read an article about empaths. Empaths are people who have higher blood flow to emotional response areas of the brain. It was awesome to hear that 20% of the world's population feels things super intensely, just the way that I do. Here are some characteristics that, put all together, might mean you're an empath.
  1. People point out that you're highly sensitive
  2. You feel other's feelings
    You can walk into a room and sense the positive or negative energy.
  3. You feel physically sick when surrounded by negativity
    This happens to me all the time.
  4. You have strong intuition and can sense what people feel without them telling anyone. You can also sense when something is about to happen.
  5. You have a lower pain tolerance
    Well that explains my needle phobia.
  6. You avoid negative media images
    You're so emotionally disturbed by tragic things reported or shown that you avoid looking at them.
  7. You can easily tell when someone is lying
    I can spot authenticity immediately.
  8. You are easily effected by stimulants and medications
    Oh so that's why I always experience side effects of medication 🙃
  9. You are the dumping ground for other people's problems
  10. You often feel fatigued because people are constantly looking to you for emotional help
  11. You are sensitive to sounds and sensory feelings
    I literally always jump at sudden movements or loud noises. Always.
  12. You manage your environment into a very calm and peaceful place
  13. You can't stand narcissists
    They operate in the exact opposite way that you do.
  14. You can feel the different days of the week and different months of the year
    You acutely know what a Wednesday feels like and you are disoriented when a Wednesday feels like a Monday.
  15. People tell you that you are a great listener
  16. You get bored easily, and to resolve it you are always daydreaming
  17. You have a very vibrant inner life
    You are highly creative, imaginative, and loving.