I know for a fact there are decent men out there but today it just feels hard to think about that
  1. @ rape apologists
    Scott Herhold, a "journalist," being one
  2. @ this rapist Brock Allen Turner who raped a woman behind a dumpster and then blamed alcohol
  3. @ Judge Persky who only sentenced Turner to six months because he felt a longer sentence would have a "bad impact" on him
  4. Turner's swimming achievements and the fact that he was a student at Stanford was also taken into consideration
    Why? I don't know.
  5. It's one of those days that feels really hard to be a woman.
  6. It's one of those days where no one should stand idly by.
  7. Every day is one of those days.
  8. When we speak out against sexism and rape apologizers it makes it a tiny bit easier for victims to speak out too.
  9. And it makes it a tiny bit harder for rapists and their allies to feel validated.
  10. We must speak out, today, tomorrow, every day -
  11. Because you know what?
  12. I'm a lucky one. I've never been assaulted. But I'll tell you all something.
  13. I've yet to walk home alone without checking over my shoulder, and clutching my phone and my keys in my hands.
  14. I've yet to get in a cab alone and not roll down the window and make sure my door is unlocked, just in case the driver tries anything.
  15. I've yet to feel safe, EVER, by myself in the company of a man I don't know EXTREMELY well.
  16. And that's not okay.