1. Gift card to forever 21
  2. SKINNY jeans
  3. Leggings
  4. New boots
  5. Flannels
  6. Some other clothes from forever 21 (I am assuming you know what I like)
  7. Earbuds
  8. New hoodies
  9. Band (report to Jason & Mom if you want to be the buyer of this gift: They know who I like)
  10. New vans
  11. Low cut socks
  12. Calvin Klien Underwear (it looks really comfortable)
  13. Sweatpants ❤️
  14. Again: Clothes that I like (I need more clothes 😍)
  15. If I get a giant teddy bear I will be truly satisfied
  16. Garbage bags (jk but I'll be getting rid a lot of stuff)
  17. Charm bracelet
  18. Silver Jewlery
  19. New Shoes
  20. New bag?
  21. Polaroid camera (Insta mini 8)
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  22. Vanilla lotions
  23. Spa stuff (manicures, pedicures etc.)
  24. New comforter (has to be thick and comfortable because I need it ;-; I really like the plain black ones)
  25. Dressy sweaters
  26. Dresses
  27. Flats
  28. White shoes!
  29. A bigger hamster cage
  30. Gift cared to hot topix