Inspired by @marymurphy who may or may not be my sibling, I don't know.
  1. I'm Anita.
  2. I go by SvV because my last name is so long it messes with credit cards, the TSA, and other burocracies. Fun fact: it doesn't fit on a printed boarding pass.
    I have probably spent more collective time spelling my name to customer service agents than I have exercising.
  3. I live with my boo in Brooklyn where we do things like eat and drink and cook and build bridges.
    Actually he's the one building bridges as a structural engineer but I'll go ahead and take credit.
  4. I do marketing strategy, which is a job I have to re-explain to my mom every time I see her.
    "What exactly do you do again?"
  5. I have 2 cats.
    Peanut and Zelda. They want to be Internet famous.
  6. I like taking photos of art.
    That was at Frieze last week.
  7. I like tacos. A lot.
    Especially pastor right off the spit with some roasted pineapple in there on some real tortillas. And apparently, from the response to my taco-like-object list, so do you.
  8. What else do we have in common?
    Final fact: I want to know.