1. Mustang Kids - Zella Day
    "The fact that I'm alive is why I still believe in miracles"
  2. The Fault in Our Stars - Troye Sivan
    "You lost, a part of your existence, in the war, against yourself"
  3. Song For The Late Night People - Kate Miccouci
    "it's a pretty place to be, and before you know it, you've been everywhere. Nothin left to see"
  4. You're the Best - Wet
    "All I know is, when you hold me, I'm thinking rosily"
  5. White Blood - Oh Wonder
    "I'm ready to fall, so tired of it all, down deep in a hole, can't do it alone"
  6. Roman Holiday - Halsey
    "Can you imagine the taste of your lips if we never tried to kiss on the drive to queens... I imagine the tears in your eyes, the very first night I'll sleep without you"
  7. Goodbye Blue Monday - Little Green Cars
    "And if you're running out of space, please don't erase your time with me"
  8. LAF - Broods
    "And I'll never get this feelin out of my head, and I never wanna be the one you forget"
  9. Switch Lanes - Tkay Maidza
    "I don't know why they think we're the same, they look it up but I know I'll switch lanes"
  10. Talk Me Down- Troye Sivan
    "I wanna hold hands with you, but that's all I wanna do right now"
  11. ...And Counting - Lights
    "Fourty days, and counting, I'm going to sleep when, I wake up, there will be, thirty nine more days left"
  12. Ease - Troye Sivan
    "But all this driving is driving me crazy, and all this movin is provin to get the best of me"
  13. Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean
    "Too many joy rides in daddy's jaguar, too many white lies and white lines"
  14. She - Laura Mvula
    "Always taking ten steps back and one step forward, she's tired, but she don't stop."
  15. From Eden - Hozier
    "Idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on his sword"
  16. Black Gold - Houndtooth
    "Darlin don't you worry, don't you shed a tear, we've got enough black gold, for another year"
  17. Young - Vallis Alps
    "In the end, time forever favors the young"
  18. Animal Urges - Lo-Fang
    "The reptilian darkness snarls"
  19. Afterglow - CHVRCHES
    "A life line, to highs and lows, to seeing the bright side, and I should know, we wait for the afterglow, to cover the blindside, and I should know"