alternatively: potential autobiography titles for my younger shelves. with commentary from my 21 year old self
  1. Should Have Stayed At Home
    ages 15 through 20. This is solid advice that ages like a fine wine
  2. Just One More Drink
    speaking of wine. Also solid advice, for as long as your liver allows it.
  3. Just One More Cupcake.
    11 through 18. heralding the demons of body issues past.
  4. I Have Many Feelings
    11 through 13, subverted and channeled productively when...
  5. I Discovered the Internet
    In a "I got on Tumblr" way, not in a Christopher Columbus exploitative way. Not to take anything away from Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf. (yes, I googled for this.)
  6. Pluck Some More: As Told To My Eyebrow Lady
    biggest regrets of years 16 - 19. what is a full life without full eyebrows.