1. Exhibit A: coat rack fell to floor due to being hung by pushpins and me overestimating the strength of pushpins.
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  2. Exhibit B: jar of pushpins also fell to floor on the same day.
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  3. Exhibit C: suitcase of clothes ALSO fell to floor on the very same day.
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  4. Exhibit D: suitcase of clothes still on floor, but in the moment, it was more important to take a pic of new shoes than to clean it up.
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  5. Exhibit E: jar full of cacao nibs fell to floor also on the same day.
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  6. Exhibit F: in the process of the very same day I myself also fell to floor.
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  7. Exhibit G: just kidding this one isn't klutzy, it's actually the opposite! Look how secure all the varieties of sprays are. All thanks to my mini sky-blue plastic tote. An essential for any and every KLUTZ
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