1. Steam Club
  2. w(EC)u / Club Unify
  3. Wilson Youth Council
  4. Adult Spelling Bee volunteer (WYC)
  5. Whirligig Festival volunteer (WYC)
  6. Train of Lights volunteer (WYC)
  7. Imagination Station volunteering
  8. winter and summer violin recitals
  9. help out at family business (restaurant)
  10. go to NY during breaks to visit grandparents (grandpa in rehab center)
  11. Eastern Region Math 2 Competition
  12. Eastern Regional Finalist (4th Place)
  13. Eyes on Main Street volunteer (IS)
  14. Bee Day volunteer (IS)
  15. Weather Works volunteer (IS)
  16. Earth Day volunteer (IS)
  17. NC State Math Competition
  18. Law and Enforcement Bike Ride volunteer (WYC)
  19. received the high-level of volunteer service award at WYC
  20. 9th Grade Class Rank 1