Small moments in my life that mostly include crying (oops)
  1. When Boston University was the first school to accept my application to transfer and I wept into the phone with my friend Annie in the middle of a crosswalk
    I didn't end up going to BU, but I was just so relieved to know the difficult application process had paid off
  2. When my dog's surgery took longer than expected and I waited on the phone with my mom for two hours to find out if she survived
    She lived! On to snuggle another day
  3. When I poked too much fun of my friend in high school and she stormed off and we didn't really speak again
    I still feel bad. I often think about sending her a Facebook message
  4. When I cried in front of my AP US History teacher after telling him I didn't do my homework because my friend's dad had passed away
    It was my first experience with a close-proximity death. I cried the hardest when I thought about all the ways it would affect her
  5. When I was confused about my feelings for a boy so I sat on my front porch and wrote down all my thoughts in a letter to him that I would never send
    He turned out to be gay so thank god I never sent it
  6. When I watched the movie "The Danish Girl" and felt empowered by my fuller understanding of the transgender experience as a straight cis individual
    Everyone should watch this movie because the first step toward acceptance is understanding and what better way to understand someone's experience than through film!!
  7. When I was born
    Lol jk. I'm glad I can't remember that look at how swollen and uncomfortable I am after being popped out the ol' oven