I think about one of these at least every day. I love a good flick.
  1. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    I probably told you "this is a DIFFERENT kind of cancer movie" because it is. It makes you think about a person's little nuances and how much you would miss them if she were gone.
  2. Inside Out
    I love the exploration of bittersweet, that transitioning from the joy of childhood to sadness-tinged adulthood is not such a bad thing. "Life is crazy and good because sometimes it's bad!"
  3. Annie Hall
    I lurve you.
  4. Short Term 12
    The only movie that matters on Netflix.
  5. When Harry Met Sally
    When people ask I usually say this is my favorite movie to seem cool and classic.
  6. Don John
    NO ONE LIKES THIS MOVIE BUT ME BUT I'M STANDING BY IT GODDAMMIT. It has the best sex scene of any movie I've ever seen. It communicates everything sex should be and everything it's not in our society.
  7. 500 Days of Summer
  8. Good Will Hunting
    I have this on DVD and usually watch it when I'm on the plane to and from school so I finish feeling slightly strung out every time. Robin and Matt's embrace is everything.
  9. The Danish Girl
    The best movie I have ever seen. Eddie Redmayne is simply TRANScendent. I love this and The Theory of Everything because they're about the strong women behind these great men.