Here are all the pictures I love but won't Instagram because I won't get enough likes which is why I should delete my Instagram.
  1. Taken two weekends ago in my sweet friend Taylor's bed at her shitty college house. I've visited all my closest friends at college because I can't imagine not being able to conceptualize the places they've done so much growing up at. I think this picture does a good job of capturing the nostalgia.
  2. A picture of a boy named Scout who sat by me in a financial accounting class taught by an old man in a power scooter. I love their smooth-skinned backs and general sense of peace.
  3. Cheryl Strayed in front of Crater Lake during her hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Wild spoke to me in a million brilliant and heart-wrenching ways and I can't wait to get my inevitably ill-fitting boots on that trail.
  4. Another picture of someone I don't personally know but this breakfast spread just makes me happy.
  5. My senior portrait photographer's daughter and her great grandmother. I love this special moment even though it's not mine.
  6. I'm a sucker for a good Barack and Michelle photo. Presidencies end but their love is forever.
  7. Have you ever been as happy as my father and his Chicago dog after a Notre Dame football weekend?!
  8. Annie and I on a big rock !
  9. This.
  10. Taken at a dorm party idk I was drunk