I'm really into reading cancer blogs. I recently found one written by a guy named Austin that really fucked me up for a myriad of reasons. His writing is real and raw and terrifying but my favorite post is one where he lists things about himself. I like it because it gives you a glimpse into the human underneath all that sickness. Here's my list.
  1. I will not split my entrée with you.
  2. I keep a running list of names for my future offspring in my iPhone notes because I have a hopeful uterus. Nina and Matty are current frontrunners.
  3. I always wear a seatbelt because I think dying an easily preventable death is stupid.
  4. My mom bought me an oversized green corduroy shirt for my 18th birthday and I wear it exactly every other day to prove my mother is cooler than you hipsters.
  5. I can't keep my room clean to save my life but I once read a messy workspace equates a creative mind so HA MOM.
  6. I carry a 32oz water bottle around with me because I like the idea of being healthy but I rarely drink it because I am not actually healthy.
  7. I love to swim. Any temperature/body of water will do.
  8. I am sexually attracted to Louis C.K. I know this because I have had many a dream.
  9. Popsicles make a great snack that is not only to be eaten in the summer. This is more of a strongly held belief than a fact about me.