An ode to my roommate. Thank you for calming me down and building me up and being only slightly annoyed by my incessant nakedness. I cherish you deeply.
  1. This is my roommate, Mary
  2. She is very important to me
  3. Look how cute she is
  4. We do a lot of fun things together
  5. Mostly food-related
  6. Sometimes laundry-related
  7. She loves to hold dogs at the mall
  8. And caress tiny apples
  9. She is autumnal royalty
  10. And knows how to rock a braid
  11. She is a master of face swap
  12. And is just about done with my shit
  13. But is especially done with this shit
  14. I'm not letting this gal go
  15. I love you, Miss Mary