1. Davenport
    Some sort of couch? Also known as a chesterfield in grandparent speak.
  2. Caddywompus
    Askew. As in: "The blanket on the davenport is all Caddywompus!"
  3. Nice gal
    "Remember that nice gal...younger...looked like Bev's daughter...that nice gal... Remember?
  4. Ye Gods!
    Grandmothers SMH: "Ye Gods did you see Dot at the alter guild meeting? She's put on weight...and so has her husband.
  5. Namby Pamby
    An insult usually reserved for professional sports players, thrown around by my slightly homophobic grandmother
  6. Heavens to Murgatroyd (and sometimes Betsy)
    Similar to Ye Gods, but more surprise and less belittlement.
  7. Gollywoggles
    Stomach condition post-big dinner. Tums always required.
  8. Ne'er do well, fuddy duddy, nincompoop
  9. Dearie
    "Dearie did you pick up my pills?"
  10. Lollygag and/or dilly dally
    What I do when I'm trying to avoid seeing my grandparents