no shame in my game
  1. I literally spent an hour doing my makeup for no reason so getting a good selfie out of it gave my life some purpose. also brows look good
  2. check out how nice my boobs look while eating pizza
  3. this photo really serves no purpose other than to add a splash of white to my feed
  4. ur really gonna regret this breakup when u see this one (@ my ex)
  5. we found a white wall so naturally we persuaded a random frat brother to photograph us looking cute and candid in front of it. are we fun and cool yet?
  6. smiling on the outside but dying internally bc it's fucking cold as shit
  7. this white wall is essential to my selfie game and adds a nice flow to the 'gram. took approximately 78 tries
  8. trying to be fun but actually wishing I was wearing no pants stuffing face with chips. new lip color looks decent so that's a plus
  9. the white wall returns and it cracks jokes!!! but actually posted this bc booty