no shame in my game
  1. I literally spent an hour doing my makeup for no reason so getting a good selfie out of it gave my life some purpose. also brows look good
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  2. check out how nice my boobs look while eating pizza
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  3. this photo really serves no purpose other than to add a splash of white to my feed
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  4. ur really gonna regret this breakup when u see this one (@ my ex)
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  5. we found a white wall so naturally we persuaded a random frat brother to photograph us looking cute and candid in front of it. are we fun and cool yet?
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  6. smiling on the outside but dying internally bc it's fucking cold as shit
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  7. this white wall is essential to my selfie game and adds a nice flow to the 'gram. took approximately 78 tries
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  8. trying to be fun but actually wishing I was wearing no pants stuffing face with chips. new lip color looks decent so that's a plus
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  9. the white wall returns and it cracks jokes!!! but actually posted this bc booty
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