Ahahah my aunt is so weird
  2. I was at a concert with my aunt and sister
    It was at the Union Colony Civic Center which is kinda lowkey and we know where the backstage is so it's super easy to go talk to those who have just performed.
  3. During the show, there was an all-male acapella group
    Very talented
  4. My aunt was quite a fan!
    And she wanted to express her love for their talents
  5. SO
  6. She walked up to them afterwards and said "I like men."
    I think she was confused and so were they because that's a really strange and also vague opening line. Who doesn't like men??
  7. The group said, "You like men?"
    Then she decided she had to save the situation.
  8. SO
  9. She got q flustered and yelled, "I LIKE MALE PARTS."
    Intending to compliment their sweet boy harmonies but sadly alluding to penises.
  10. The acapella group got scared and my aunt sprinted away.
  11. My sister and I cried and also laughed.
    Probably my favorite show at the good ol UCCC.