My birthday was in July but I was MIA on li.st at the time so now I'm just gonna reflect on all the things that happened at 18.
  1. Went on a fab road trip to Kansas City with all of my favorite human beings
  2. Spent time in my favorite destination, good old NYC
  3. Started college!
  4. Randomly went on a crazy 48 hour trip to Detroit
  5. Got drunk for the first time and kissed boys I shouldn't have
  6. Bonded with lots of very wonderful women of God
  7. Had a radio show!
  8. Went on so many retreats
  9. Became even closer to my sister/bestie pal
  10. Became a calendar girl lmao
  11. Played a lot of "The Game of Things"
  12. Got a uke and played it nonstop
  13. Found the dog of a lifetime
  14. Went on a super lovely missions trip that moved my heart a whole lot
  15. Saw Justin bieber
    Mostly as a pop culture necessity
  16. Fell in love with hammocking
  17. Did a lot of photo shoots
  18. Had the time of my lil life volunteering at this youth group
  19. Realized I love painting
    Even though I'm no good
  20. Went on a lot of hikes
  21. Hugged a lot of dogs
  22. Started a new job as a barista that I looooove
    And then had to quit bc I moved to Europe
  23. Had a hell of a time at summer camp
  24. Ended my 18th year with an elderly themed birthday party
    Also had feelings for two of the boys in this photo lol go Anna
  25. 18 taught me a lot about who I am and who I want to be
  26. I'm grateful for that
  27. And 19 so far has been pretty damn good