@rachellewis thank you, sweet Christmas angel. You rocked my whole world
  1. First of all, I'm so sorry this list is a billion years late. Your gift arrived while I was still abroad and I made my mother swear not to open it
    The SECOND I got to my house I opened it and I was BLOWN AWAY
  2. First things first, CUTE
  3. All these perfect little letters tied in perfect little string
  4. The most lovely letter! I'm so glad to get to know you and I CANT WAIT TO BE PENPALS
  6. I LOVE PINS. I'm so happy to have one from your university and the study abroad one made me laugh so hard. It's SPOT ON. I put it on my jacket and everyone was amazed
  7. The most soft socks of all time! And a bookmark from a place I would LOVE to go. You know me so well
  8. Pens!!! They write like a DREAM thank you so much
  9. Fruit snacks!! I'm v particular about my fruit snacks and this kind is what I lived off of freshman year so thank you! PS I ate them immediately if we're being honest
  10. All the coconut products I could ever need! I screamed
  11. The most wonderful mix CD! This was so thoughtful and kind. I love it so much good grief
  12. A Moleskine!! I have been wanting a Moleskine for so long and haven't gotten around to getting one. Thank you SO MUCH!
  13. The most perfect jewelry holder!! I'm obsessed
  14. !!!!!!!! The most perfect gift of all time ever in the history of mankind!!!!!!
    I honestly got so close to tears. My sister was so impressed. It's so perfect. Thank you SO MUCH
  15. Peachy sticker!! I'm in love and put this on my laptop immediately
  16. The list describing it all! So purposeful 💕
  17. A list about the CD! I loved loved loved listening to the CD while reading this list. I felt like I got to know you so well just from this CD! Bloom is my FAV SONG EVER btw
  18. Honestly I'm blown away by your kindness. I can't wait to be pen pals for real. You are SO lovely. This gift meant the entire world to me!!! I can't even express how happy it made me! Thank you thank you thank you a million times 🎄💕🎄💕
  19. Thank you, of course, to @DawnCloud! You are the BEST for putting this all together!