There's nothing I love more than my heart beating all fast around people who are vaguely and/or very famous. Why do I have braces in so many of these photos?? Pls look at only the celebs and definitely not me tysm
  1. Kevin Malone from "The Office"
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    I followed him around while he played golf for a long time. He was v excited when I asked for a photo with him. I was also v excited. @bjnovak where were you??
  2. Carlton from "Fresh Prince"
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    "Accidentally" ended up walking right next to him. I wanted to sing "It's Not Unusual" under my breath but I thought that would just piss him off.
  3. Tony Romo
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    So charming. So handsome.
  4. Aaron Rodgers
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    Refused to sign my autograph because of a "contract" with "Nike." Ugh out loud.
  5. Martin aka the lead singer of Boys Like Girls
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    Was v high and v drunk. I was only high on love 4 him
  6. !!! Harry Styles from afar !!!
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    He was so handsome and beautiful that I started to cry. Pushing a little stroller after a bike ride around Boulder. He looked so indie it still haunts me but like in a good way
  7. Niall "The Cuteness" Horan
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    He smelled like warmth and joy. His Irish chuckle is on replay in my mind. I feel incredibly connected to him. I miss Niall.
  8. Paul Higgins, the former tour manager of One Direction
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    He's like the boys' dad on tour. In this photo, he looks like he could be my dad honestly.
  9. Michael Jordan
    Said hi to a guy standing next to me so I'm gonna count it.
  10. Cher Lloyd
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    She was so cute and short. The meet and greet lasted for like 5 seconds and I was like um?? Our friendship is just beginning???
  11. Julianne Hough
    She was performing across the street from my hotel apparently and there was a line of people so we just hopped in and met her! She was so kind