Traveling is perfect and wonderful. But every time I visit somewhere, I leave a piece of my heart there and I'm like "??? Hey where did that piece of my heart go? I wanna go get it back and then also live where I found it tysm"
  1. San Francisco
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    Ahh the cool air, the Ha Ha Scary Bush Man, the contentment. I level up whilst in San Fran
  2. Seattle
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    There's something about Seattle. The rain lights up my heart and the music museum invigorates my soul. Forever love
  3. Kansas City
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    I didn't go in expecting to love KC as much as I did. But it is so happy there and classy af. But when I was there, there were mysteriously no other people on the streets a lot of the time? So maybe that's good or maybe I should avoid it at all costs? Could go either way.
  4. Hilton Head
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    Hilton Head, you beauty. First of all, everywhere you go you see gators just chillin. Also, the entire city looks like Jurassic Park lowkey. And people just bike everywhere. Biking around seeing the town--incredible.
  5. Vancouver
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    Vancouver is so calm and perfect. I LOVE it. However, there is one thing not so calm about the city. SEAGULL ATTACKS. Those guys want your fries? They're coming for you. They will get what they want.
  6. New York
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    This one's a given but it's been the home of my heart since I first visited at age 9. The hustle and bustle fuels me and whenever I'm there, I feel safe. I feel at home. Ah New York I love ya.