Bc my room is super cute and I'm hardly ever in it so I'll document it to make it feel important
  1. I'm only showing half because my roommate is the messiest person on this here earth. Blargh.
  2. Lil Polaroid parade
  3. My stormtrooper/headband carrier.
    What a champ
  4. My prized painting possession
    My slug bug was too small to transport this masterpiece so finally getting it to my room after purchase was quite. the. fiasco.
  5. My darling bedspread
    It came with a hamper!
  6. This used to be a full-size water bottle
    But then it shrunk up all teeny and now I use it as a pen holder! What fun!
  7. The dress domain
    There are some shirts in there. Maybe like two. A good portion of my dress collection resides in the closet as all dresses should